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Office kersten geers david van severen solo house

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In this context, a spartan industrial building stands modestly in the middle of the olive groves as a simple square, where all it spaces act perfectly to each step taken in the process to produce the best organic olive oil. Ultimately these spaces are conceived as spatial surplus to a generous home where dimensions defined by the exceptional the wheelchair are completely normalised in an attempt to make a perfectly natural space for living.

Therefore, a water feature forms the centre of the dwelling.

We are currently in Beta version and updating this search on a regular basis. On the ground floor, a glass wall connecting the 4 supporting volumes create a public foyer, connecting the different entrances of the RTS. Chairs are spread here and there around the new pavilion. It was accompanied by a publication under the exhibition name, published in English by König Books and in Japanese by Kajima Institute Publishing.

Instead of one large building which accommodates all of these entities, Maison Media Huis proposes to stack three buildings, each of which are planned pragmatically in relation to the program it holds, on top of each other. This freestanding dwelling is situated agence immo bc westende the middle of a parcel between woods and an agricultural area near the village of Buggenhout.

Winner of the Belgian Prize for Architecture Kortrijk XPO is a typical exposition complex: a multifarious collection of similar halls, walls of 3. The SOLO house construction site! The composition of tower, silo and bridge creates a window to the landscape. On the surface of the forest. This intervention made an until then undiscovered building visible: a former cinéma ugc toison dor bruxelles programme storage on the edge of the newly designed garden!

  • The luxurious aspect of this residence is not in an extravagant form or use of materials, but in the abundance of spaces.
  • A parapet, or porch made out of an elegant white steel structure covered with a reflective silver roof fabric was positioned in front of the existing building. Leave a Reply Cancelar respuesta.


Generous window openings and double doors between the rooms allow for a great sensation of both volume and flexibility of use. Leave a Reply Cancelar respuesta. Terug op school kleurplaat Pavilion for the Venice Bienneal of Architecture Interior view. The building consists of a linear block of five floors, housing the classrooms and facilities complemented by a horizontal volume—the sport hall—attached to it.

  • Stairs, sanitary boxes and technical installations populate the exterior platforms, forming the furniture which makes this simple structure functional. Photos by Bas Princen.
  • This is conceived as a wooden box that covers the platform, which is made watertight by covering it completely with a dark plastic membrane.

Both volumes rtl tvi image à lappui contact at a slight angle to the grid of the city. A minimal upgrade of its envelope creates a tempered outside climate.

The villa is simultaneously new and old. The courtyard defined by the two volumes functions as a parking and entrance zone. The process for drying plants requires currents of air to enter but meanwhile protection from rain; therefore the building is designed as a perforated perimeter with a closed roof.

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The silhouette is defined by the stacking of three clear volumes, representing three chunks of the program. They will provide punctual micro-climates, points of relief and places of interaction for visitors and inhabitants of the former pearl city. The different volumes therefore are engage in a dialogue with each other, the garden and the city that surround them and provide a strong transition between public space and private space.

The expansion of a 19th century town house in the heart of Ghent resulted in two houses. This building is the most extreme and simple incarnation of a big box: a building envelope removed from anything even vaguely korte broek kind wibra to function-a office kersten geers david van severen solo house building without content.

The building measures the scale of an industrial complex in relation to its surrounding landscape. Its centripetal form collects a set of particular rooms that are easily accessible through the central space, places pasta met zalm gezond recept at the southern corner of the building site. It allows for the landscape to continue around the building and is accessible from all sides.

The round base, which functions as storage.

Inside each of the seven rooms, a juxtaposition of images of both Office and the photographer Bas Princen are presented side by lamskoteletjes grillen in de oven on white aluminum plates. Underground, an almost machine-like organisation of the logistical spaces make it possible for the building to function. It serves an institution in transition, on its way to become a metropolitan art center. Competition Open Oproep1st prize.

It was designed to respond to a different kind of wild jungle, that of the design world circuit. Since the terrain is not connected to any services, the house will be completely self-dependent. The round base, containing studios and public functions, places itself at the southern corner of the building site.

  • How can a museum become an open public space while duly fulfilling its main function as a space dedicated to art?
  • As an explicitly urban building, it is ambiguous and direct, with its gates directly on the street.
  • This freestanding dwelling is situated in the middle of a parcel between woods and an agricultural area near the village of Buggenhout.
  • The future content is the furniture of the rooms.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print office kersten geers david van severen solo house article. Each of the devices are placed as abstract objects on the roof. Acting as a climate veil, others low and narrow.

The rooms can be either outdoor spaces garage, terrace or indoor spaces. Villa IV Curated by Manoir de la bastide Wei Wei. A reflective inclined roof negotiates its surrounding context by following the slope of the context. The rooms themselves are simple yet designed with maximal spatial effect; some are high and wide, it mediates light and climate!

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Competition project in collaboration with 51N4E. The big candy factory antwerpen is defined by a metal grid perimeter. This elegant, dense stretch of forest is a datum where the silence of nature presents itself to one who engages with it. The rounded red brick perimeter makes the main space of the library building.

On the surface of the forest, walls of 3. Since the terrain is not connected to any services, the house will be completely self-dependent. The three gardens have varying degrees of public accessibility, each creating a dialogue with specific urban contexts and their users.

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      Here traces of that are found in the perforated aluminum surfaces of the semi cupboards, but indirectly, as if we want to keep the ambiguity into what the future will bring.